75 Hard: Week 1

First week of 75 Hard completed!

I have just completed the first week of 75 Hard and I have to say I’m in really good spirits! You can read my first post 75 Hard Challenge here.

Surprisingly what I thought was going to be hard; drinking the water and getting in the 2 workouts has been pretty easy for me. I must have drank a lot more water than I thought before this program.

I went back and forth about posting my pictures along the way, I mean I really don’t want this body out in the world but then I said f-it. If I’m going to do this, I’m freaking all in! So, here is me in all my glory. 🤦‍♀️

I decided to take my measurements as well because the scale can be deceiving when you are transforming your body. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may be actually losing fat but it may not show up on the scale right away.

Things I’ve noticed over the last week …

I feel really good.

I lost 2 lbs. My goal is 12 total.

I have more energy.

My skin has been breaking out on my chin, but overall my skin looks more dewy which is probably because of all the water I’m drinking. I’m wondering if the breakouts are caused by some sort of detox. Sugar maybe? 

My rings aren’t tight anymore; so that’s a plus. 

I’ve had headaches over the last couple days which was surprising to me. I’m clearly drinking enough water and I don’t drink caffeine so I’m guessing it’s the sugar detox? 

I have way more patience with my kids when I don’t drink. It’s been nice this past weekend not dealing with a hangover.

So overall …. so far, so good.

We’ll see what happens this week. But honestly I thought it would be much harder than it has been. Right now I don’t miss alcohol one bit! I haven’t craved it one time yet; the water has been really easy.

I have noticed that some foods will bloat me. I plan on doing a food sensitivty test at some point. I plan on doing one for my daughter as well. She always complains about her stomach hurting. Along with that I plan on doing a family sugar detox on my kids. My gosh, now that I’m focused on a low sugar diet, I have realized how obsessed my kids are with sugar. It’s very eye opening!

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