Morning Journals

I stumbled across this journal in the Target, talk about a perfect fit!

Finding Myself. Going back to the old me. Going back to when I felt the healthiest I have ever felt when we lived in California. That’s what my journey is all about.

I was walking through Target the other day and stumbled across this journal. Could this cover not be more perfect for what I’m about to embark on?

Journaling has always been really good for my soul.

Getting up early, putting pen to paper and just letting my thoughts flow in peace and silence.

From brain dumping my business ideas, to letting go of my frustrations to writing out my dreams and goals in detail. It’s where I can write, and say anything without being judged.

Somewhere along the way I stopped doing this consistently.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy. Maybe, it’s because I’m super unmotivated right now. Or, maybe it’s because I feel really unclear on what I want to do or who I want to become.

The best way I can describe it …

I feel like I’m driving in a car through a thunderstorm and can’t see two feet in front of me even with the wipers on full blast. My hands gripping the wheel, no clue where I’m going … Trying to not crash.

Sounds dramatic I know haha …

In reality … journaling actually helps in these situations.

Journaling actually makes things more clear for me. It takes my confusion and frustrations and let’s them go somewhere to fizzle out and die instead of circling around in my head.

So today I start new. Back to putting pen to paper every morning. Back to getting up early so I can have some quiet alone time.

Here’s the thing …. just because we stop doing something doesn’t mean we can’t start again.

What’s the saying … get back on the horse? Giddy up Partner!! 🐴