Garden Seed Organizer

The Johnny Seed Mailer wasn't cutting it any longer.

Can we talk about garden seeds for a second? If you know me at all, you know I love to be organized. I have a mental rule in my house, if it doesn’t have a spot or a place to call home, it’s got to go.

The garden and yard are no different. I busted out my seeds the other day and realized I was out-growing my current seed organizing system. A mailing bag from Johnny seeds just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I went directly to Pinterest of course; didn’t have to search far until I found exactly what I needed.

These plastic photo Storage Containers  from Amazon are perfect for seeds! They have 16 cases in each big case. I got two because I wanted to categorize them into two sections Kitchen Garden and Herb / salad garden. The little containers are perfect size for multiple seed packets, even the bigger ones like corn.

Pros: I like that they are in individual containers, so you can take out certain seeds while keeping the others one in there. I will eventually put real labels on them from a label maker, these peel n stick labels from Avery are fine, but are starting to peel off on the corners.

Cons: It’s a little bulky, so you’ll need room to store them. You’ll want to store your seeds in a cool, dry environment. I put mine in a cabinet in our laundry room.

But overall, the seeds are organized, protected and plenty of space to add more. (The most important part, right?)

How do you organize your seeds?

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