Homeschool Curriculum: 3rd + 5th grades

Curriculum is the most brought up topic in the homeschool community, there is so much out there to chose from and we all want to know what others are doing.
homeschool curriculum 2022-2023

Homeschool curriculum is being talked about all the time in the homeschool community. There are so many options out there, it’s overwhelming and we all want to know what everyone else is doing so we can decide what’s best for us. Am I right, homeschool mamas?

We started homeschooling in October 2021. This year will be our first full year of homeschooling. We are joining not one but 2 co-ops this year. Beause of that we will be doing 4 day work week schedule. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be our heavy days for school. On Wednesday my kids have a co-op which includes Spanish, PE, Art and Science. We won’t do any other work on these days. Fridays will be a lighter day due to a social co-op Friday afternoons. Bascially Fridays are our fun days, we have field trips, park meet ups every week.

When we first started, I was told to do the bare minimum (reading, writing and math) until we got into a rhythm. I have to say I’m glad I took that advice. It took us a little while to get into our groove and figure out what curriculum worked best for my kids. They have very different learning styles. One of the issues we ran into last year as too much down time. We would be done with school at like 10 or 11am and then they’d have the whole day to entertain themselves which resulted in quite a bit of screen time. This year with a heavier curriculum load, two co-ops and their “after school” activities and sports, there won’t be nearly as much downtime.

Chosing your curriculum can be overwhelming, I personally go with the pick and chose method versus buying the whole shabang. Doing it this way allows me to fully customize their curriculum to their learning styles, which I love. Below is a list of all the curriclum we will use this year.

3rd Grade Curriculum

Math U See – Gamma We used this last year and my daughter did really well with it. She is mildly dyslexic and this math seems to do well with dyslexic kids because it’s repetitive. I’d like her to get through Delta level as well this year. 

Essentials in Writing Program – Level 3I was going back and forth for writing programs and landed on this one. I’ve heard really good things about it, and it’s something they can eventually do on their own. My goal as a homeschool mom is not to teach them but to teach them how to teach themselves.

All about Reading – Level 3 + 4She moves pretty fast through these lessons so I think we can get through 2 levels this year. I can’t say enough good things about this program. It has helped Lydia so much already.

5th Grade Curriculum

Saxon Math 7/6 – Caden excels in Math, so this is a great program for him. He is doing a level above what his “grade level” would be. We used this program last year; at first he didn’t care for it but then we found Nicole the Math Lady and it was life changing for us. I don’t have to do the grading or teaching and he can input his answers right in the computer. Win-win!

Maturation Unit – From the Good and BeautifulI’ve looked through this quick 2 week unit and really liked it. I love that it’s geared around God and talks about abstinence but it also goes into pornography. With kids on devices daily, they need to know about pornography and the effects it can have on them. I’ll be doing this unit with my daughter next year as well.

Essentials in Writing Program – Level 5 –  Caden should be able to do this all on his own but for the first couple weeks I’ll work side by side with him till he gets it.

Subjects my kids will do together

HistoryBeautiful Fleet – Intermediate Early American History We are adding in History this year and I’m pretty pumped for it. Caden enjoys history and this curriculum is all based on books which is great because both of my kids set book goals this year.

Science – Noeo Science – Chemistry 2 – Caden is super into Chemistry. This is a little outside Lydia’s age range; it’s 4-6 grade but I went for it anyways. I picked this one because of the experiment kits that comes with it, open and go. Just the way I like it.

Independent Work

These are the things my kids will be doing by themselves while I work one on one with the other one.

TypingTyping.com is a free typing class so they’ll both be doing this part of independent work. Caden’s been typing for a few years so this will be his last year. Lydia will continue for a couple years since she’s just starting.

Handwriting without Tears – This will be Caden’s last year of handwriting. They’ll both be working on cursive.

Bible – Growing with God + Processing the Land – This is a workbook and every day they do one sheet. It’s simple but it also has them looking up bible versus which I really like. I went back and forth about bible because I’d like for them to work on the same thing so we can have discussions but I also want to teach them to study the bible on their own, so we’ll see how this goes.

Spelling180 Days of Spelling and Word Study Grade 3 + 180 Days of Spelling and Word Study Grade 5 – one page each day very simple.

Reading – 20 -30 minutes per day on their kindle to reach their book goals for the year.

Critical Thinking – I have a critical thinking workbook for the both of them, but I’m not sure I’ll use it much this year. It’s more for supplementation. If I find Caden or Lydia finishing up independent work quickly I’ll throw a sheet or two in there for them to do.

Daily Chores – cleaning room, getting ready for the day, putting away laundry etc.


Of course, some of these might change depending on how my kids do; but I’m pretty optimistic about this year and really looking forward to getting started. I plan on starting 2nd week of August when are you starting?

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