Homeschool Field Trip: Pearl Harbor

When we were in Hawaii visiting family, we went to Pearl Harbor

Now that we are homeschooling, when we travel I want to get in at least one educational experience. We went to visit family in Hawaii and I thought Pearl Harbor would be perfect place to take the kids. Caden already has read the I survived Pearl Harbor book so I thought it would be nice for him to actually see the spot where it happened.

This place is beautiful.

We unfortunately didn’t get on the Arizona because the line was too long. I want to go back just to see it. My husband’s grandpa says you can still see the oil coming up from the ship.

You don’t need tickets to go to the Arizona, in fact it free. You can go online ahead of time and reserve a spot for the Arizona for a $1. Definitely do this if you can. Otherwise you will need to stand in line on stand by. If you do standby, I was told to go really early around 7am before it opens. We didn’t do this and waited until about 9am and the line was already pretty long so we opted out and went through the exhibits instead. We watched the movie they offered about the attack. I really enjoyed and it gave the kids an idea of what happened at this special place. There is also an area where you can buy tickets to tour the submarine, highly recommend. There is an audio tour that goes with it, also recommend because there aren’t any signs you can read in the submarine like they have in the exhibits.

Overall, if your in Hawaii on Oahu; take time to go see Pearl Harbor, such an extraordinary event in our history.

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