Plans for the new Build

1st buy the land. 2nd Hire an awesome architect

First buy the land.

Second, hire an awesome architect to take all your crazy thoughts and “wants” and put them on paper.

We hired Nicole Perri, and all though we are still in the beginning phases, I sure do appreciate her! She’s a mom herself so she understands the flow that needs to happen in a family home. She also knows exactly where the sun will be during any season. Uh, I didn’t even think about that.

She went out to our property one morning to see how the sun hit and told us we will have fabulous morning sun coming into the front of our house.

So, in order to utilize that, she put in more windows in the front. She’s making sure our house and pool get as much sunlight as possible; which I appreciate, I sure do love natural light ☀️

This is why you need a team behind your build. The little things that we may not even think about; your team should have your back on. We revised these plans so many times, but I’m happy we took the extra time to plan it right. We should be seeing 3D designs very soon!

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