Sober Curious Movement

There is a movement happening right now and you may not even know it.
sober curious movement

When you talk about sobriety, most of the world associates it with addiction or alcoholism; a problem of some sort.

What about those who don’t mind being around alcohol? Or just want to cut back? What about the people like me who want to go alcohol free for our health? We don’t really fit into the alcoholic anonymous category, you know what I mean?

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to call it quits on alcohol.

In steps the “Sober Curious” Movement.

My husband hates the fact that “they” have to name everything which I get; it does get annoying. But,  I’m not going to lie. I’m on board with this one.

Sober curious simply means you want to explore what it feels like being sober for mental and physical health reasons. It means you want to live a healthier life, be on your A game and not deal with all the negative side effects alcohol brings to the table.

Don’t believe me? Google it. It’s a health trend on the rise that even you, might want to consider.

Did you also know that the No and Low alcohol business is booming?

Celebrities like Katy Perry (De Soi) and Cameron Diaz (Avaline) are jumping on the train with their own non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcohol spirit shops are opening in New York. Pop up bars that only serve non alcoholic drinks are getting more popular throughout the country.

You know, maybe the generations below us aren’t so stupid after all. It seems to me, that they are onto something big. Move over O’douls + St. Pauli …  it’s not just you anymore. After I started googling non-alcoholic drinks; Instagram hit me hard with the ads which I’m kind of loving.

Here are some that I’m wanting to try out!

Keep an eye on this market, I think this trend is here to stay and I have to say I am totally here for it!

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