The Morning School Rush

Waking up early, shoving breakfast down your kids throat and rushing them out the door ...

I’d be lying if I didn’t fantasize about putting my kids back in school as a homeschool mom. I think about all the freedom I’d have for myself. The time I could invest into a business. My house would stay clean, I wouldn’t hear kids fighting all day. Ahh …

But then as I’m having those thoughts, I quickly get interrupted by thought of the morning hustle. The constant driving back and forth to school. The amount of time I actually don’t really have because I’m rushing around trying to get everything done before pick up.

Homeschool has its downs just like anything else, but man those mornings would kill me. Trying to wake up grumpy kids that don’t want to budge. Then shoving breakfast down their throat at 6am, when they are moving at a sloth’s pace. Does it really take them 25 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal. No. The answer is no. But clearly they are trying to piss me off and doing this on purpose. This usually ended in us rushing to get out the door which ended in me screaming at them to “Get your flipping shoes on.”

Talk about stress. For all of us. At 7am.


I started having these back to school flashbacks when all the back to school pictures started flooding my social media accounts.

Maybe this thought has gone through your mind, questioning if you should put your kids back in. If you are; I want to personally tell you … Me too. It goes through my head quite often when things aren’t going as I planned. Especially when they are fighting or giving me push back about school.

Is it really worth it?


Yes. Yes it is. The grass is not greener on the other side. Heck, I was on the other side and that grass was pretty darn dry over there. I keep reminding myself and you should too, Homeschooling isn’t always easy but dang … the pros outweigh the cons anyday. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t miss that morning hustle AT ALL. Not one bit. The other day, God reminded me of this. I went to wake up our kids who were sleeping together in our bed. They looked so peaceful. At that exact moment I thanked God for my kids, for low key mornings and decided to let them sleep in a little longer. (If you didn’t see my stories, you can see the IG video here.)

That my friend, is the beauty of homeschool. All my thoughts of sending my kids to school disappeared. Don’t you love when God sends you messages to show you, you’re on the right path?

The Morning school rush, it’s not for me. In fact, I got a little taste of it during summer camp. Packing lunches … oh don’t even get me started on that! Ha!

So to all my new homeschool mamas, hang in there. It won’t always be this way. Maybe you all need an adjustment period, maybe it was just a bad day. Whatever the reason the good news is Tomorrow is a new day and if you want; you can sleep in! 😊


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