We bought Land

6 Acres to build our forever home

Going into this process, Nate and I had an extensive want list. We have moved about every 3 years since we’ve been together. From NC to Georgia to California and many rentals in between. When you live in that many homes, you kind of get an idea of what fits and flows with your family.

Our want list was no joke.


> Closer to the City (We currently live about an hour away from the city.)
> Privacy Acres (We wanted about 5 acres, we weren’t looking for a farm, but more so for a big buffer.)
> Neighborhood (We have two kids and love having neighbors, we just don’t like being right on top of them.)
> Convenience (We are very active people so shopping, restaurants and things around us is key)
> Long driveway with woods in the front (This has been Nate’s vision for YEARS)
> Flat lot (I’m really into bringing the outside in, so having a flat lot would be ideal for me)
> Gated (We live in a gated community now and it’s nice to have that extra barrier)
> Decent price (We aren’t spending a million dollars on a piece of land)

Pretty ridiculous list, I know. Where in the world would we ever find this at a decent price?  Then what do you know, God stepped in.

I stumbled across this piece of land online. It was closer to the city, 10 minutes from shops and restaurants, close to all our kids activities. It was fenced in, close to horses, in a neighborhood. It was perfect for us. I went ahead and checked it out in person on my own. As soon as I pulled up, I got this feeling like man, this could really be it. I knew Nate would love it, but I also knew he wouldn’t like the price. So, I kept my eye on it hoping, praying it would drop a little bit.

To my surprise, it did! Not enough for Nate to sign right then and there but enough for him to go check it out. He loved it (like I knew he would). We sat and thought about it, did some research and finally put an offer in.

We negotiated, they accepted and bam … 6 acres was ours.


It was so surreal. I’m convinced that things like this don’t just happen. This was a blessing from God and we are so grateful.





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