Weekly Meal Plan 3/19

Here's what's on the menu this week

Why is Meal planning such a pain in the butt. If you think about it, it sounds so simple yet for years I couldn’t do it. I can’t even tell you why. I would attempt to do it, but then 5pm on Monday would roll around and I’d have nothing to show for it and scrambling for ideas only to find out I’d be taking a “quick” trip to the grocery store to get that one ingredient I didn’t have. Seriously the amount of times “I’ve fallen off the wagon” is redonkulous.

I started an elimination diet back on Feb. 6th and it made me meal plan. Literally, if I wanted to eat I had to plan for it because bascially all the things I could eat had to be cooked. No more going out and just grabbing food.

Since doing my elimination diet, I’ve learned that you can make quick, simple meals that don’t need a ton of ingredients. If I can pull this off, anyone can. To help you out, I’m going to start sharing my weekly meals here on the blog, selfishly it holds me accountable too but my hope is you won’t struggle as bad as I did.. I’m still in my elimination diet so the dinners below are dairy, grain, soy and gluten free. It’s pretty much the Paleo / Whole 30 diet minus potatoes, butter, chicken and some other things. A little disclaimer: As I start including more foods back into my diet the dinners will change a bit.

I will say eating this way for the past month I’ve lost 9 lbs. and I feel fantastic. There’s something about eating clean, whole foods. I’m shocked by my results and how inflammed my body was by the foods I was putting in my body. Let’s say this, I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I will continue eating this way 80% of the time, but more on that later. On to the weekly plan.


Slow Cooker Pot Roast  (minus the potatoes) | Roasted Brussels


Taco Bowls | Regular Tacos for the kids | Cauliflower Mexican Rice


Paleo Shepards Pie | Rolls from Wild Grain for the kids


Cod | Green Beans | Mac n Cheese Side for the kids (they aren’t big on fish)


Spaghetti Squash + Meat Sauce | Rolls for the kids | Side Salad


Dinner Out


Butternut Squash Soup

Here’s to a great week!

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