Will My Legs Get Big?

This seems to be a common question and one I have struggled with my whole life.

My biggest fear along with so many other woman, will our legs get bigger if we strength train, cycle or run.

I’m a 5 ft woman who has always had an athletic build. I played a lot of sports growing up. It wasn’t until after kids I started focusing on working out. I was in this cycle of working out, but then I’d notice my thighs were getting bigger and it would freak me out and I would stop. I’d go to pilates or something low impact.

Now I realize what’s really going on with my body when I first start to work out.

Here’s the truth …. You actually may become bigger before you get smaller. Muscle builds before fat. But, want to know what muscle also does … BURNS FAT. There may be a period where you are building up your muscle and that layer of fat is still there. Your thighs may in fact be a little bit bigger, your pants a little bit tighter. But if you keep going that layer of fat will slowly disappear and those nice tight muscles will shine through!

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